Friday, June 4, 2010

QUESTION BANK For Chief Office Superintendent/Optg

  1. What is the organizational setup of SC railway? Give detailed account of organizational setup of operating department at divisional level?
  2. Discuss the role of operating department in Indian railways?
  3. What is the present scenario of movement of freight traffic in Indian Railways?
  4. What are the factors affecting the speed of goods train? Explain?
  5. What is meant by line capacity? What are your suggestions for improving the same?
  6. What is meant by punctuality? What are the factors affecting punctuality?
  7. In how many ways punctuality of passenger carrying train can be expressed? What are your suggestions for improving it?
  8. What is meant by FOIS? Explain how FOIS is being used for freight operation?
  9. Write short notes on any four:
a)      MPS b) Traffic recovery time c) pink book d) supernumery posts
                  e) Engineering allowance.
  1. Write short Notes:
      a) Interchange of goods trains b) Divisional wagon balance
      c) Brake power certificate d) Operating ratio
  1. a) differentiate between PTT and WTT
      b) What are the factors which have to be taken into account for framing time table for passenger carrying trains?
  1. What do you understand by
a)      census of coaching and goods traffic b) Rake links and engine links.
  1. What are the penalties given in Rly servants discipline and appeal rules? How a major penalty is imposed on a railway servant?
  2. What are the constitutional and statutory provisions guiding the official language policy?
  3. What are the various incentives and awards offered for use of Hindi in official work?
  4. Write about
 a) Engine outage b) wagon turn round c) August review d) New zones and their
  1. Define serious accident? What are the causes of accidents and suggest the preventive measures?
  2. How rescue and relief operations are to be carried out in dealing with a train accident?
  3. Write about:
 a) Coaching cabinet b) processing of new works
  1. What is Throughput? What are the steps to be taken for increasing the throughput of a section?
  2. Explain in detail about the divisional control organization and its role in coaching and goods operation
  3. What are the various types of Leaves available for an employee? Write about each one of them in detail?
  4. In how many categories, employees are classified as per HOER and give a detailed account of 10 hour rule?
  1. Write the use of computers? Write in detail the procedure of preparing a file folder and how to save the files?
  2. Write about some of the key board commands used during the process and printing of a document?
  3. Describe the organizational setup of the traffic department at the Railway Board, Zonal and Divisional levels
  4. Write short notes on
 a) Operating Ratio b) Engine KM per engine day in use
  1. Write short notes on
 a) NTKM per engine hour b) train km per train engine hour
  1. Write short notes on
 a) NTKMs  b) COIS
  1. As a chief office superintendent what are the steps you will take to implement and improve use of Rajbasha in day to day working.
  2. Explain the various methods by which parliament exercises control over expenditure in Railways?
  3. Write short Notes:
a)      Annual Budget b) Budget orders c) Charged Expenditure
d) Voted expenditure
  1. What are the appropriation accounts? What are the various steps involved in computation of appropriation accounts?
  2. What are the various stages involved in the compilation and review of budgets?
  3. What is works programme? Give the modalities involved in compiling works programme?
  4. What do you know about the following:
 a) SLR   b) GS  c) VP   d) FCS e) WACCN
  1. \What do you know about the following
 a) WGACCW  b) VPU  c) WGS   d) LR  e) WGFAC
  1. Write the codes for the following coaches
a)      Pantry car b) Tourist car c) Inspection coach d) 3 tier sleeper coach
e) Parcel van high capacity.
  1. Write the codes of the following wagons
a)      Petrol tank b) Flat wagon for rails
b)      covered bogie special with transition coupler d) Brakevan goods
e) Flat Military wagon.

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